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Durga/Navratri Puja Kit

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     Welcome To "One Store - Complete Solution" For Puja Samagri

 We are Happy to serve you, Puja Bhandar.Com is the major supplier of all puja ingredient required to perform Puja in Hindu Household family. However, We are committed to serve high quality pooja samagri at reasonable price with our exclusive 3-C model- Choice, Cost, and Convenience By way of technology.

Durga/Navratri Puja Kit (Contain)

Provided By Puja Bhandar                                                                                                                                  Can Be Procured Locally
1. Aarta Patta- 1 packet
2. Aastgandh Chandan-15Gms
3. Agarbatti - 2 Packet
4. Akshat Rice- 50 Gms
5. Batasha - 50 Gms
6. Batti(Long) - 1 Packet
7. Batti(Round) - 1 Packet
8. Camphor - 50 Gms
9. Choti Elaichi - 25Gms
10. Deepak - 2Pcs
11. Devdaar Dhoop-100 Gms
12. Ganga Jal - 100Ml
13. Gelaa Dhoop- 1Pkt
14. Ghee - 200 Ml
15. Gopi Chandan – 2Pcs
16. Gud - 50 Gms
17. Gulab Jal - 50 Ml
18. Gulal - 25 Gms
19. Haldi Gath - 5 Pcs
*If you wish to buy additional items or increase the
item quantity please click on "ALL PUJASAMAGRI" Category.
20. Haldi Powder - 25 Gms
21. Honey - 50 Gms
22. Janeu - 2 Pc
23. Jau – 50Gms
24. Kachcha Dhaga- 1Pcs
25. Kala Teel - 25Gms
26. Laung - 10Gms
27. Match Stick - 1Box
28. Mishri - 50 Gms
29. Moli Dhaga- 1Pcs
30. Panchmeva - 50 Gms
31. Peeli Sarson - 25 Gms
32. Peli Sindoor - 25 Gms
33. Red Chunri – 1Pc
34. Red Cloth/Salu - 1 Metre
35. Red Sindoor-25Gms
36. Roli/Kumkum- 50Gms
37. Supari - 10 Pcs
  1. Paan ka Patta
  2. Mango Leaves
  3. Coconut /Nariyal
  4. Sweets
  5. Fruits
  6. Flowers



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About Puja Bhandar

Welcome To "One Store - Complete Solution" For Puja Samagri

Eureka Moment!!!!

The story of '' starts with an incident which happened with my best friend who had booked a new flat in Gurgaon. Abiding by the pious Hindu tradition he had organised the house warming Puja or Grihpravesh as we know it, and I was invited for the same.

However, the Puja became an ordeal as the Pandit who has volunteered to bring all the samagri,failed to do so at the last moment, which eventually resulted in a situation of panic and we had to run around in local kirana stores in an area alien to us to procure at least the basic items required, unfortunately compromising greatly on price and quality.

From there the idea of "One Store, Complete Solution" evolved  into an Online Puja-samagri  Portal, where you can access all types of puja samagri or puja items and  puja accessories at your fingertips, within the comfort of your home.

Traditionally being a part of this pious business since 1985, we wanted to offer our exclusive 3C Model - Choice, Cost, and Convenience by creating a dedicated E-commerce portal. We ensure you to promptly provide best quality puja samagris  at competitive prices. We also have Puja samagri kits specific for various pujas as well as regular puja samagris

We very well understand the importance and value of ‘Puja” or ‘Prayers’ for us and it is a matter of trust, devotion and religious sentiments. Hence, at ‘Puja’ , we take immense pleasure in helping you all across the globe, in expressing gratitude and devotion for the Almighty by performing holy rites and rituals in a hassle free manner , by serving whatever you require at your doorsteps . All you need to do is order the puja samagri 72 hours before the puja from the comfort of your home and we will make sure that your Puja Samagri kit is delivered to you promptly, on time.